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Master the craft of revising your writing through an online, self-paced course. Edit your own work with confidence.

Online Writing Courses 2016

Revise with Confidence



Here's how to determine once and for all if your writing is really any good, so you can stop worrying about whether or not you’re wasting your time, and focus instead on making sure your writing is as good as it can possibly be.

This is a companion course for the Revise with Confidence Free Video Training, so if you've not yet participated in the free video training, you might want to check that out first!

During this 3-week course, master your ability to see your writing through the objective eyes of an editor so you can confidently begin to revise your draft. Apply 15 methods for gaining fresh perspective and getting distance on your writing, and begin to self-edit with confidence.

Begin immediately after you enroll and work at your own pace.

In this 1-week online course, determine exactly where to begin your revision in the way that works best for you.

Get immediately to work on polishing your draft, using a revision checklist designed uniquely for you.

Begin immediately after you enroll, and work at your own pace.

In this 5-week online course you will master the 15 essential writing skills necessary for creating publishable work.

Ensure that your writing is as good as it can be - apply 15 tools to avoid or correct the most common mistakes routinely made by writers.

Begin immediately after you enroll, and work at your own pace.




If you're not happy with a course, or need to cancel for any reason, I'll reimburse 100% of your registration fee. It's as simple as that.

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