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Cover Concepts

I'd like to see if you think these covers are right for my target audience, and if the design concepts are acceptable.










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DESIGN #1: This one is in good shape, I think, and I'd love to see you clean or freshen it up as needed (I used a rudimentary design program, so nothing is properly measured or aligned as it would need to be in the final. The fonts I used are Times Neue Roman and Glacial Indifference. The font colors are: Green: #9aecb9 and white: #f3f4f7, both at 100% transparency. I'm open to a color other than the green if you'd like to recommend something. The image is from Shutterstock and I messed around with it to get this dark/blueish effect, which I love:

DESIGN #2: This one is a concept in progress and I'd love your take on whether it might work or not. I was trying to get to the idea I wrote about in the brief about two opposing sides, equally balanced. Since art is central in the book, I was playing around with paintbrush strokes to illustrate the concept of otherness, and opposing yet equal sides. I'd love to see this concept fleshed out. I had envisioned a canvas background (think artist's canvas, not tent canvas) with modern type (this again, is Glacial Indifference and Times Neue Roman) and slashes of oil paint. I chose red and blue to illustrate conservative v. liberal Americans. I don't love the slashes I chose and would prefer something narrower and really clearly an oil paint brush stroke - some texture would be great, and I'd love to hear if you think the red and blue could be repeated in the type somewhere else.